Tattoo Basics

TattooWelcome to Sacred Skin Tattoo Whether you are looking for a new tattoo, or are thinking about getting something done, you have come to the right place.

We can help you figure out the basics on getting a tattoo, of which a number of basic questions need to be answered before you even think about getting one done.

Quite frankly, we’ve seen a LOT of disasterous tattoos, and, probably, you have, too. All over the Internet there are tons of pictures of different people who have work done that is just plain bad.

We hope to help alleviate that situation for you, by giving you tips and pointers on how and what to look out for when you get tattoos, things you should see, and the things that you should know in order to make your tattoo experience as painless and successful as possible.

Yeah, we said painless, because there’s more to getting a tattoo than sticking your arm out. What you’re about to do is a lifelong decision that you’re going to have to live with for the rest of your life. So before you decide to get it done, know all the factors you should be concerned with when going in to get a tattoo.

There are more than a few things to think about, and we try to cover them all so that you don’t get caught up in someone else’s mistake, and end up having to pay for it yourself for years.

We have tons of different resources that are being posted and are upcoming, to help you make an informed decision, and help you track down the people that you need to know before getting anything done.

Right now, let’s go over some tattoo basics. If you’ve never gotten one before, these things that you should think about before you sit in that chair.

Think about the future

As we alluded to earlier, this is a decision that will be with you, probably for the rest of your life. Not a decision that you need to make lightly, nor quickly. You have to consider the various aspects of having a tattoo, depending on who it is, and who you know, forever for here on out. Tattoo regret is something that happens all the time because people didn’t think about what they were doing before they did it.

Some people do tattoos as a spur of the moment thing, other people are actually stupid enough to do it as a dare. Some people consider tattoos as art, and while it can be, you as the recipient of a tattoo should consider it an extension of yourself. And think of it as something your close friends, and your loved ones as well will have to live with forever. If that bothers you, tough, that’s just how it is.

Think about the artist

There are some tattoo artists that are simply better than others. To simply walk into the first shop you see to get a tattoo is stupid. Where do you find out more about your particular tattoo artist? You can try social media sites like Yelp or Facebook. The good artist will also have examples of the work that he has done, you should ask to see them if he does. Do some Google searching on the name of the store or the name of the artist. See what comes up.

Here’s something that you should do as well, and that’s research. Take a look at other people’s tattoos.

The best indication of someone’s work is the work itself. If you see someone with a great tattoo, don’t be afraid to ask them about it, and where they got it. there you will find that most people that have tattoos love to talk about it, love to tell the story about when and how they got it, and also the person who did it. You may get lucky, and find a local talent that you hadn’t heard of or thought about. Once you find out who the artist is, take a trip down to the store, ask him some questions, asked to see his flash designs, or to take a look at his artist book or jobs he’s done before. He should have a number of photos of clients work. You are in him and him and him and him him him him him

You should also ask your artist how much experience he’s had. Asked where he learned how to tattoo (yes, there are tattoo schools, and tattoo apprenticeships as well). Most tattoo artists that are of any good stock goes through at least 3 to 4 years of training and apprenticeship at a registered tattoo studio. Some people are actually going to tell you that they learn how to do tattoos on the Internet. That’s a bunch of crap. Run like hell from those people.

Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of tattoos, they’re going to be flaky people out there who are going to tell you that they know how to do tattoos, when in fact they don’t. These dudes are known as “scratchers”. Ever see those bad tattoos online, that are misspelled or look like crap? That is the work of a scratcher and you don’t want to deal with them. There is no such thing as a “bargain tattoo”. If a reputable parlor isn’t doing the work, don’t have it done.

Bottom line, you want to find a good artist, and you want the work done right the first time. You can’t get a redo on a tattoo, and contrary to popular belief and news broadcasts, reworking a tattoo can’t cover up the blotches or the bad lines that a bad tattoo artist is responsible for the first time. If you want to see a plethora of bad tattoos to scare the crap out of you, check out the people against home tattoo artists page on Facebook.

Think about where you’re putting that tattoo

Hey, where are you putting that tattoo, anyway? Some people get a tattoo out of pride, some get it as a personal reflection on an aspect of their life. Getting tattoos, are usually nothing to worry about when dealing with others. Larger tattoos that people can see might be more of a problem for acquaintances. Also, you should consider what you’re tattooing. The art that you get with a tattoo usually links you to that image to others.

Are you getting something that’s respectable? Are you getting something meant to shock and provoke? If you are going for the latter, be prepared for the reaction. Be responsible, and live up to your tattoo, or understand your personal limitations when having to justify and explain it to others.

Think about your safety

So you’ve looked around, and you finally found a respectable tattoo artist. What is his reputation in regards to safety? Has he been in town long? Has he done other clients, and are those clients happy? Once again, this all comes down to research. Know who you’re using before you hire them, or give them any money. There’s nothing worse than getting an infection from a tattoo. The scarring and side effects could last anywhere from days to the rest of your life. That’s a long time of pain and disfigurement, just because you want to save a few bucks and a little time.

There are things in procedures that every tattoo studio of legitimacy should have. They should have an autoclave for sterilizing needles, and all the artists should be wearing gloves when they’re working on a design. All of the artists should be vaccinated for Hepatitis B. From a safety standpoint, these are essential and nonnegotiable.

If the studio you want to use doesn’t have all of these, don’t use them. And if they don’t want to show you those areas, run away. Any good tattoo studio won’t mind showing you the preparation and procedures that they undertake to preserve your safety.

Think about inking someone else’s name

Oh, young love makes people do stupid things. One of the stupidest is putting the tattoo of your love partner on your body. Do yourself a favor. Don’t do it. What happens if you break up? What happens if the significant other dies? All of a sudden, all you have is a tattoo, and the memory of that person etched on you forever. And if it’s a bad breakup, that’s even worse.

Don’t get a tattoo of your loved one’s name on your body. Nick Cannon can attest to this. He got that big tattoo that said “Mariah” on his back. Well, now he’s no longer with her, and he’s stuck with either a big tattoo, or a bunch of laser removal surgery. Either way, it isn’t going to be pretty in the end.

In the end, getting a tattoo comes down to careful preparation, patience, and good old-fashioned common sense. If you take even half of the advice in this article, you should be fine in finding a good tattoo artist, and getting a tattoo that you want without regret or embarrassment.

Where to start looking for a good tattoo artist

If if you’re set on getting a tattoo, and want to do it the right way, there are a few resources online that you can check out to find a good tattoo artist. is a site that features tattoo artist around the country, and also provides a list of artists in your area with its Find a Pro feature. You can see the artist there, too, as well as their work.

If you have an idea about a design you want to have made, you can plug in your design idea, and get back artist recommendations, a price estimate from a professional, and assistance with your design.

Yelp can also help you find a good artist who is local. By typing in “tattoo,” and your area, you should get ratings for most of the local inkers in your area. Look for a fair number of reviews, and a fairly positive rating. Take a few minutes and read the reviews, and see if they have any photographs of their work as well. By doing this, you’ll get a general idea of what the core audience thinks about the particular artist or parlor in question.

If you’ve decided on where you’re going to get work done, ask the tattoo studio if you can come in to watch someone else getting work done on them. That way you can see not only the quality of the work they do, but if they take care and steps in providing the safety precautions that you need to avoid getting infections or worse, something like Hepatitis C.

If you take the right steps, do your homework, and employ patience, you can find a great artist that will give you a great tattoo without worry, hassle, or regret. Remember, that it’s your body, treat it like it’s gold, and the results that you get will be golden as well.